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Vladimir Dorojinsky
Painting Name:
"Love Is In The Air"
  Oil On Canvas
36" X 48"
Artist Location:
Moorpark, CA, USA
Artist Web Site:
$ 3,200.00

Vladimir talks about “Love Is In The Air” 

Hey people! If we help each other in a difficult time
The world will be beautiful and shine.
No war, no starvation. Peace and love.
The new reincarnation will rise above. 
I give you my hand, you give me yours.
Peace make
s sense, not wars.
Help each other! Love and believe!
The bridge from Heaven to Earth to retrieve.
See, how beautiful the flower is.
Feel how gentle is
the ocean's breath. 
Watch, how the Baby sleep
s in peace.
Touch the sky from above to beneath.
I fly in my dreams like a weightless leaf.
The Wind of the Universe creates my belie
I wish to share my joy and love, my feeling
s and dreams that were blessed from Above.
I believe I will never die, because part of me will be he
re forever...
Trust me, I know, when you wish to fly your soul is alive with Above and Ever...
Let the Divine Energy of the Universe always be on your side.

dedicated to the Oneness

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