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Terry Karanikas
Photograph Name:
"Silent Gift"
  24" X 36"
Artist Location:
Lake George, New York, USA
Artist Web Site:
$ 500.00

Terry talks about “Silent Gift”  

My photo art inspiration comes from my love for Bridging Heaven & Earth and it's "dedication to the Oneness".

I didn't consciously or intentionally know what they would be for, until I met Allan and saw the Bridging crew's relentless commitment to the Oneness!!

“Silent Gift” was a sign for me from the Heavens.  I had met Lorna Byrnes, a year previous, and had the privilege to hear what she had foretold for me.  But like waves that pound on us, the path is sometimes difficult and we must learn to keep the faith, even when we find it hard to believe unquestionably!!!

One beautiful, bright, absolutely cloudless day, I went for my 3 mile track run to pray and meditate my concerns to infinite Creator and the angels that I call on daily.  After my session of sobbing, wailing, and giving thanks about my impatience and concerns, a miraculous and clear answer to my prayers manifested....

I looked up in this cloudless sky and beheld a Huge Feather that was blessed to me as an answer to my prayers as Lorna's comforting message of hope and faith prevailed over the waves of uncertainty and doubt.

Needless to say,  I am so very thankful and happy to say things worked out to collaborate with the Bridging International Healing Art project dedicated to the Oneness !!!!

Love, Peace, Compassion, Kindness, Joy, and to the Realization of Oneness.

dedicated to the Oneness

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