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Rickey Hoefnagel, Fusionartist
Painting Name:
  Acrylic On Canvas
  30" x 24"
Artist Location:
Beaumont, CA, USA
Artist Web Site:
$ 900.00

Ricky talks about "Creation" 

Meditating on the words “bridging heaven and earth,” images immediately began pouring in and this painting surged onto my canvas almost before I knew it.  It is an expression of the infinite, dynamic, all-powerful energy of Love continuously flowing through all of its colorful creation in a circular motion, manifesting and dissolving, underlying and connecting all life, unifying apparent opposites as they emerge and return to the Source.  Here the Earth is sacred and the soul in bliss runs free.  My poem, Inner Fire, uses words to point to this Reality awakening within us.

 Inner Fire

What inhabits us?

The movement of breath

Circulating energy

Joined through fire and desire

Creating the inner magnetism

To attract the Divine


It is the fire within

The full flame not the cinders

Where the two worlds meet

When we love and accept

We experience the depth of ourselves

Feeling the rhythm of the mystic pulse

The soul becomes joyful

At the discovery of itself

dedicated to the Oneness

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