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Richard Mattson
Painting Name:
"Healing The Cold Heart"
  Paper Collage Under Glass and Framed
  16" x 20"
Artist Location:
Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Artist Web Site:
$ 300.00

Richard talks about "Healing The Cold Heart"   

Tina (see:  http://www.heaventoearthart.com/artist/tina_heart.htm ) and I wanted to create a new piece for the healing art project.  While building a family memorial collage for one of our clients, Tina came across material (hearts, colors, images) that inspired her to start a new bridging collage.  While she was building that collage and creating a "pile" of rejected images for her piece, I became inspired to build a piece from the material that she discerned was not for her.  It was fun to build togetherů.but separate.  She, of course, likes her collage better than mine...I like them both and feel they were both inspired by the Bridging Healing Art project "energy"...and "love" of creating something new... We always appreciate and acknowledge the gifted artists who created the inspiring images we use in our collages....

dedicated to the Oneness

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