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Lorna Paquin, Fusionartist
Painting Name:
"Roof Of The World"
  Acrylic on Canvas
  22" x 28"
Artist Location:
Las Vegas, NV, USA
Artist Web Site:
$ 500.00

Lorna talks about "Roof Of The World"

On my way to another Fusionart retreat, I came around a bend on I-15 towards Pali Mt., CA.  To my wonderment, what loomed before me was this mountain suspended in fog up in the sky.  I recalled a Himalayan Mount Everest image that they call, "The Roof Of The World".  I was so inspired by this vision, I painted it when i got to the retreat.  The fog became a reflection that indicates to me we go as high in one direction as we do in the other.

dedicated to the Oneness

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